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Have you made practical use of the calculus classes you took in high school? When was the last time you had to parse a paragraph in real life? Some of the things you’ve already learned may continue to amuse, but not be at all practical in your actual day to day life. Learn to sew, however, and you’ll have a new skill that is beneficial in so many nice ways. There is, of course, the financial aspect. Learn to sew at Sewing World sewing centre in Toronto, and you may spark the skills to design and construct your own wardrobe. Once you know how much fun it is to sew, you may want to spend a lot of time at Sewing World sewing centre in Toronto. We’d be happy to have you!

At Sewing World you will find all sorts of sewing machines and free unlimited lessons to go with them. Even if you’re an experiences sewer, there’s always something new to learn about fabrics, notions and techniques. We do repairs to all makes of sewing machines and sergers. Of course, we have all the accessories, parts, and manuals that you need. See our sweet selection of new sewing machines with prices starting as low as $199. If you’re on a budget, we’ve always got some very nice used machines from $49.95. When you’re ready to trade up, Sewing World sewing centre in Toronto gives generous trade-in allowances. For store hours, class schedules and driving directions, call 416.699.7119 or use our toll free number: 866.263.9758 Sewing centre Toronto