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Have you noticed a change in the behavior of your teenage boy? Teenage is the most challenging phase of one’s life. If your teenage kid is being aggressive and has no control over his/her anger, it’s time to look for a teen psychologist in Orange County.

How Does A Teen Psychologist Help Teen?

Mental development and behavioral improvement play an important role in the overall development of a teenager. If your teenager has developed negative thoughts about life and needs a more proper structure to help, stay more positive toward life and improve their mental and developmental issues, you are welcome at OC Teen Center, a psychiatrist Orange County service that is designed specifically for teens.

Different Kinds Of Psychiatrists In Orange County:

Orange County has some really experienced and professional psychiatrists helping people fight mental illness. Being mentally disturbed affects our life in general, and with a help of psychiatrist, a person is able to fight mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. The psychiatrists in Orange County help teenagers, adults, men, and women in dealing with psychological issues including conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other underlying mental illnesses. Whether you need a child psychologist in Orange County or adolescents psychiatrist in SoCal, you are welcome at OC Teen Center where we deal with all the mental and behavioral issues.

What We Treat At OC Teen Center?

Our center offers the best pediatric mental health services in Orange County. We are dedicated to helping teens facing mental health issues and try to unmask the underlying mental disorders making your teen miserable. Being a leading youth therapy in Southern California, we offer a range of services allowing your teen to recover fully. We have the following programs:

1) Day Program:

Our Day Program provides much-needed help to teenagers and youngsters who require professional care and support to eliminate negativity from their minds. Our experts will help your teen create a structure for their life.

2) After School Program:

Don’t you want your teen to miss out on studies? Then our After School Program is ideal for your kid. If you have just noticed a behavioral change within your teen and if he/she requires a low level of care, our After School Program can help your kid recover.

3) Private Therapy:

If your kid is behaving strangely and you have no idea how to handle the situation, visit our private therapist at the OC Teen Center. Go through a few sessions with the finest therapists and see a change in your kid’s behavior.

4) Follow Up With A Psychiatrist:

Our founder, Dr. Sayeh Beheshti, can help your kid fight behavioral issues, developmental disorders, a decline in self-esteem, eating disorders, or inability to create personal relations.

Get Professional Help Now!

During the teenage years of life, one is faced with difficult challenges which often make some teenagers behave and act aggressively. Helping and supporting your kid during this phase is of utmost importance. We will help you uncover the mental anxiety and disorder your kid is facing right now.

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