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When it comes to hair, you want to ensure people who are dealing with it are highly skilled and know what they’re doing. After all, if your hair becomes severely damaged, it could take months to grow back! La Couture Hair Studio is a hair salon in Palos Heights dedicated to the individual needs and styles of our customers.

How do I avoid damage to my hair?

Even if your hair isn’t damaged or unhealthy, you should do hair treatments regularly to avoid damage in the first place. Remember that hair takes quite long to grow, growing only about ½ an inch per month, so you want to prevent any damage as much as possible. Hair becomes damaged due to several reasons, such as:

  • Environmental factors- Hair becomes damaged when regularly exposed to the harsh sun
  • Chemicals in water- Showering with hard water or water with high chemical content could also damage your hair.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies- This is by far the most important cause of hair damage. Make sure that you get all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for hair growth, as well as plenty of protein.
  • Bad Hair Care- This includes anything from not brushing enough, washing your hair too much or too little, using harmful hair products and tying your hair too tightly.

Hair treatments for damaged hair

Salons these days offer a plethora of hair treatments for various forms of hair damage. This can range from treating hair damaged with hard water and dealing with dry, brittle hair. At our hair studio, we offer the following hair treatments:

  • Demineralization Treatment- Our water is full of chemicals such as chlorine and hard water, which contains high contents of minerals like calcium. When they react with other chemicals, they build up deposits in the water. So, hair damage is inevitable in these cases. Demineralization treatments remove these chemical build-ups in your hair resulting from showering in hard water or swimming in chlorine pools.
  • Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment- A hair-smoothing treatment, containing potent, high-quality ingredients like keratin, ceramides, and amino acids to tame the coarsest, fizziest, and wildest hair.

We’re a hair salon in Palos Heights that can treat the most damaged hair types, so give us a call to tame that mane!

Are hair treatments very expensive?

It’s an entirely subjective question, but you can’t expect good results and excellent products to come cheap! Our demineralizing and revitalizing treatments come at a very affordable $15.

Our keratin smoothing treatments will cost you $250 and upwards. But, this will mean you spend less time and effort trying to tame your frizz for a few months so that it will save you money and trouble in the long-run!

Do you have damaged hair, thanks to the hard water around where you live, and don’t know what to do? We’re a hair salon in Palos Heights that can treat your damaged hair. Give La Couture Hair Studio a call to fix your beautiful mane!

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